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July 21, 2009


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I am biracial and while I understand the point these people are trying to make about their identity, most bi-people don't pass for white, and the title is pretty much slamming their other half. Like being black is not good enough so don't just associate me with that. I consider myself black, despite being raised in an all white home.


Wow. That's a very enlightening clip. I heard some people with accents.

Do mixed race people (I'm assuming half of the mix is always Black in the context of this movie, is that correct?) in Europe, South America or other places around the world have the same issues as here in the States?


She's embarrassed when her black mom comes to pick her up and everyone else is white! And that's not a problem?


I Agree with HEATHER!!!
Why can't the Title Just be


I agree... the title seems to give the notion that being black is bad. After viewing the clip I can sympathize with the issue but the title is demoralizing!

Vi Pinkston

Hi. I am watching your segment on CNN and I too am multiracial black/white/spanish.
As long as I can remember, when filling out
any form I have always put other and on the line I put HUMAN. I am human before I am a race. I have always hated being labled. I too have been called half breed, nigga spik, oreo cookie and the whole nightmare of names and never fitting in. HUMAN is what I am. A child of GOD. Unfortunately
my kids are going through the same thing today. It's 2009. When does it end.

T. McCowan

What is it this woman wants? So you're black. So you're white. What about it? Do you want people to say, "oh, she's black and white"? Who cares? What's the problem with just being the best person you can be and calling it a day? What difference does it make what ANYONE thinks of you? Be a good person and what they say about you has no bearing. Take the best of "both worlds" and move on.

George Orfanedes

Great segment on a tough issue. Carolyn has done an excellent job!


I just watched the CNN segment on this and just wanted to add....

it appears that people of this world will never be happy... a person could be black, white, green, purple or blue... they could all be the same color even... someone, somewhere isn't going to like them for some reason...maybe its the way they wear their hair, or a funny hat, or buck teeth... and if by chance they weren't judged by their color or physical appearance, then it would be their religious preferences, or financial status etc. Its my opinion that as long as a person is not an alien from outer space trying to eradicate our species, they should be accepted as they are.

Brenda/Houston, TX

Thank you, Ms. Cochrane! It is about time someone besides Tiger Woods demands respect for BOTH of their parents! For those of you who don't seem to get it -- she has to clarify "...Not Black Damn It!" because most people ASSUME a person is black without ever asking -- do you ever assume a medium-skinned person is White? Of course not! You hang onto the old, wretched ways of racist White men, keeping THEIR rules alive! The whole point is that she's not ashamed of being Black but she is also not ashamed of being White! Why does she have to make a statement about it? Because folks like yourself will not allow her to be who she IS -- biracial! Like the young lady stated earlier, she puts Human on those questionnaires, as I did as well. Only I AM White -- I just never liked the separation. My son, now 36, is biracial, and his children are triracial! When kids were mean to him in school because of it, I told him that they were jealous because he has two cultures to brag about, while they (both Black and White) have only one! Afterwards, it didn't bother him when people called him names -- he embraced it! I'm appalled at people like Barack Obama, Haley Barry, Mariah Carey, and others who are "Black" but just happen to "have a White mother"! My son would never disrespect me that way! So, I say again, Ms. Cochrane -- to you and Tiger Woods -- thank you. UNLOCK YOUR MINDS, People!


I think that a person should except all races. I am multi racial Mexican/Spanish/Italian/German. I claim all of them because if I deny one it seems like I don't want to be the other. My children are my race and black. I tell them to claim all and don't be ashamed, be proud. My oldest daughter loves hard rock and they call her white-washed. She is just being and enjoying life the way she wants too.


I am the mother of a beautiful biracial teenager. My daughter says that she can't accept that society wants "to label her" as black; She says "If I accepted myself as being black would be the same as denying you, mom" I raised my daughter as a biracial child, not white, not black. When Barack Obama got elected president and everybody was saying that he is "the first African-American president", my daughter asked me "Mom I don't understand, wasn't his mother a Caucasian woman?" She was confused. People want change but they have a hard time accepting that biracial children have the right to their own identity. When filling out paperwork (hospitals, for-instance), what it comes to RACE my daughter has to choose "OTHER" and that is discriminatory. She should be able to choose "BIRACIAL". To me it is a form of racism, and really this has to stop. I am Caucasian and my husband is African-American. I was told by a black person,that biracial couples should not be allowed to have children.
People, change please...
It is not against one race, it is about accepting both, honoring both parents and that is beautiful. If you see me with my husband you see a biracial couple, therefore my daughter is Biracial, not black.
Thank you so much for addressing this issue, that many people take for granted


I guess the question would be what's the aim of this movie. If it is to educate people on the daily challenges of being Biracial, I believe there is a way to do that without slighting another segment of the population (who also have their own daily challenges like everybody else). I haven't seen the movie but the title is not too inviting. I am all for learning about being biracial but not at the detriment of any other group. But yet again, if the aim is just to stir up controversy and have people talk without meaningful exchanges ( point fingers to one another) then the title itself should do.

Lisa Williams

Looking at the clip I wouldn't have even known that some of the participants were even biracial. My son is a light-complexioned black person with curly hair and he has two black parents. I agree with one of the comments that said, people are going to talk about differences regardless. My son was teased and called white boy, so I guesss there should be documentaries such as, Damn it-I am not biracial-I'm Black. The title in itself spoke volumes. Biracial people can identify however they choose, but society really doesn't give a damn-I don't care if you are half white-you will be identified by the obvious-we all live with it. Didn't make the rules, some white people did-so take it up with that side of your family,-since it was specified that they are-NOT BLACK, maybe the white side can redo some of the global identity crisis their ancestors have placed in all of our lives for hundreds of years. We on the black side have been trying forever, but we have just learned to love ourselves in spite of the lighter is better misconception. The plight of the biracial person is no different than anyone elses and for the most part,biracial people are given much better treatment-so please!


I have never been faced with any such issues. But I must say that the only people who know I'm Biracial are from the black community.Sometimes white people are dumb on this issue

biracial chick

I am biracial honestly i love my mom i know that i am black and white. But truthfully people will always seem me as something other than white. So i have learned to embrace my heritage but i consider myself to be black.


I am a white woman and my 1st husband is black. We had a daughter together and when she was a baby people would ask me if she was adopted and they would always ask me what race she was. I divorced her father when she was almost 3 years old & he was never around after that. I as a white woman couldn't give my daughter what it felt like to grow up with a black father but I tried to give her the history of African Americans by reading to her about slavery and so forth. I think I did a pretty good job at raising an outstanding young woman. She is now 19 and I know she has her own difficulties and gets upset when people ask her what race she is. I never have someone come up to me & ask what race I am. Why is it any of their business what race people are. If you were born in America then you are american. If you were born in Mexico you are Mexican and that is how they look at it in Mexico but not here in America. Why does it matter what your ancestory is? My daughters boyfiend is white & I know people look at them the way they looked at my 1st husband & I. When she was little I would buy her barbies that were black and some white. She didn't like to play with the black ones. I would get upset and take away all the white ones so she had only the black ones to play with. I wanted her to be proud of that part of her. I hope today that she is proud of all sides of her. When I was growing up my best friend was black but I never knew we were different until one Christmas when we both wanted the same kind of barbie. When we went to show eachother our barbies hers was black and then I realized that of course she would have a barbie that looked like her. My parents gave me blond haired dolls and my sister brown haired dolls so they looked like us but what kind of dolls do bi-racial children have? they don't make those kind of dolls. My sister children are 1/2 islander & her children think there mother is Palauian like their dad but just with white skin. My sister has totally embraced his culture into their home & family. One time I told her children that they had German in them & they were surprised. I think that it is good to teach your children about all of their ancestory if it is know to teach. some people don't know what race they are because they were adopted.


I am biracial and growing up in a small town in Texas was rough. Although, I look more white and only African Americans would automatically know, the whites were aware of something but not sure. I experienced more hatred and negative treatment from African American women. I was always upity or seddity. I've learned that I am not defined by my mother's race or my father's race. I am defined by my life and what I choose to represent as a person, my values, morals, and what I want to leave. I have a two children with a black man and they are the most beautiful babies, not because they are biracial but because they are half of me and half of him. I think we spend too much time and brain power worrying about the racial background of people rather than how they will effect our lives as people. What is the definition of a black man/white man? Is the proper question not "is he a good man" or "Is she a good woman"?



I don't think some of you are getting the point. The little girl meant she was embarrassed because of the attention not her mom. And the person who said biracial people are given preferential treatment sounds like she is envious which is exactly the problem which they are discussing and with that comment confirmed it.I have a biracial four year old and when she was almost 3 she started to notice that daddy was "brown" and mommy was "white". So I said "Chloe what color are you" and she said "white" with uncertainty (she is extremely light) I told her she was beige and proceeded to show her pictures of other people that had a brown parent and a white parent. Alicia Keys Mariah Carey who she actually resembles and others we talked about it a bit and from then on she says "beige" with pride. The purpose of this is to enlighten others on how calling a biracial person black completely denounces half of who they are. Biracial people do not want to be treated special they just want to be themselves both black and white it is unfair to make them choose. There was a point in time when many biracial people had to pick a side if you will like Barack Obama. We are living in a time when picking a side should no longer be necessary Hispanic people are beige yet no one makes them claim black or white. Why cant bi/multi racial be its own identity? That is the purpose of this movie. It is not to denounce black or white for that matter it is to claim a new identity to forge a new path. I think this is brilliant and I commend it


I am what some would consider biracial... Black father and Okinawan mother. However, in my time, we were taught that we were the race of our fathers... maybe it's a generational/military thing. It never has bothered me. What I do find offensive is when someone else wants to classify me or suggest because I choose Black I'm denying my heritage. I'm not. My brothers would choose biracial and that's fine. If someone chooses one or the other or both it's just that... their choice. We get to choose. If someone has a problem with my choice, it's their problem.


the choice is relative to one's experience. i'm of mixed race - i embrace both of my parents and what they've contributed to my life. the choice is an individual one. to judge or characterize is totally dismissing his or her experience. find it interesting that most refer to our president as black and/or african american - his mother is like an afterthought ... that saddens me. look foward to the day when the 'box checking' ends and character is the only thing that's relevant.


black people are so jealous of mixed people they cant stand it! most half breeds go through what they go through bacause of BLACK PEOPLE and thats a fact! i am NEVER going to apologize for being light skinned with good hair and delicate facial features! im way prettier than a black girl,my life is easier, more doors are opened for me, and i can step in and out of that white world whenever i want to! even the mixed people that identify only with black, know in their hearts that they are superior to blacks even though they might not say it! ive lived in small white towns and they loved me because i was the beautiful exotic girl. if i was dark skinned,with nappy hair and big lips and nose life wouldnt have been as easy. ive dated men that would not touch a full black woman but they loved me because i was mixed!self hating black men have mixed babies with white women so they have pretty kids that have a chance in life! im not apologizing to you insecure, self hating blacks for what you consider being better than you! and about the one drop rule- if whites considered blacks and mulattoes the -same then why were you in the fields and we were in the house?


Most people are Ignorant on this subject. its titled "I'm Biracial, Not Black Damn It!" because when a biracial person comes in contact with a black or white person They try to tell us what we are. tag as as black so its a build up of frustration of telling them that you are biracial and not black damn it. you dont get it. were not bashing black people were sick of being labeled as black. you try to say we look black? look at our skin our hair our facial features! its EASY! as day to tell us apart. your only blinded by media ignorance so you THINK we look black. the biracial's who identify with black mainly grew up in white house hold's so maybe they want to be closer to blacks and so try to identify as black. but the thing is WE Biracial people should be identified as Biracial. we don't care if a biracial person wants to identify as black or white. there still biracial but they choose to identify as w/e there comfy with. why should it bother YOU that we want to be identified as what we are? are you that ignorant? if you cry and bitch about racist shit. why do you still hold one to one of the most IGNORANT racist things there is?! to call a biracial person Black when were clearly not. if you have one white parent or your the child of a biracial and have a white grandparent. your still biracial. please wake UP. Grow up.


who really cares! I am 100% black and proud DAMN IT!! people think i'm biracial..even mistaken for white because i'm light with red hair and freckles. I love black culture. I love my black family. I'm proud of who we are. To lindsay and dave: you two are ridiculous! Black people are not jealous of you! My mother is a beautiful dark skinned black woman and I would give anything to be just like her!


I'm sorry but I would have to totally disagree with the title showing disgrace for being Black. They are just saying what many people of mixed heritage have been thinking. I'm more than proud to be Black and infact I loathe those people who ignorantly say they aren't Black they are Jamaican because Jamaican is not a race. But at the sametime I am proud to be Latino. I am AfroLatino. So I should deny that side of me to make the masses who see my darker skin and assume or say I'm Black? No I don't think so. It's simply correcting the mistake that many make. If you're mixed with Black they automatically clump you in the Black category and don't acknowledge your white side or asian side or what have you. It's the same thing we see with the President. They completely disregard that the woman who raised him is White simply because some don't want to claim him and some want to solely claim him. They just go ahead and say he's a Black president. Forget his white mother. It's ridiculous. We are who we are and we shouldn't have to say I'm Black to satisfy Black people or I'm whatever else to satisfy the other half of us. I'm gonna continue to say I'm biracial til the day I die.

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